Did you used to hide in the cupboard when your piano teacher came to teach you?

Or have you heard the stories about piano teachers that made music lessons feel tedious? Or practicing feel hard, impossible, or take way too much time?

What about all the stories of your friends quitting because:

  • “Practice was too hard,” or

  • “I never made progress,” or

  • “It was all posture and horribleness,” and on…

Sometimes, the problem could be as simple as: "I left every lesson and just didn't know what to do..."

I want to tell you that this is all avoidable!

In fact, sitting down to play is even easier than you can imagine.

You can learn enough in a few months to confidently sit down and just play for 10 minutes. At a hotel piano, at a friend’s piano, at home for family at the holidays, wherever.

A few months of piano lessons won’t give you a Beethoven sonata, but you will get a small repertoire of legit, real music. It will be music that gives you the foundation you want so you can learn more pieces you like even faster.

  • In one free intro lesson, you’ll learn the basics so that playing and reading piano music feels surprisingly easy and clear from the start.

  • Within a month, you’ll learn Two Piano Approaches that will give you the crucial music knowledge you need to see exponential gains. More leverage = learn tunes faster in less time without feeling confused.

  • Within six months, you’ll learn a handful of small tunes and have the skills to learn many more on your own. The approaches will become part of you!

  • The lessons are both structured and yet adaptable…you’ll build a strong foundation at the start so that you can confidently experiment with music that suits your tastes best.

If you’d like to see the above and enjoy sitting down to relax at the piano with playable songs you love deep inside your head and fingers (and impress your friends and family), here’s what to do:

Here's what to do:

  • Email Me Here

  • We’ll set up a free intro lesson

  • Once we finish the intro lesson, we’ll set our weekly schedule

  • Watch amazing things happen!

We commit to a month of lessons, but I know you'll love it so much that you'll want to keep going!

Would you like to ask me a question or book your free intro lesson?