Fun & Effective Piano Lessons that Kids Love!

Did you used to hide in the cupboard when your piano teacher came to teach you?

Or have you heard the stories about piano teachers that made music lessons feel tedious? Or practicing feel hard, impossible, or take way too much time?

What about all the stories of kids quitting because:

  • “Practice was too hard,” or

  • “I hated to practice,” or

  • “I never made progress,” or

  • “My teacher was awful & scary,” or

  • “It was all posture and horribleness,” and on…

This is all avoidable and should not be your child’s piano lessons experience!

It should feel easy, achievable, and freeing to sit down and play a favorite song from memory.

Read on below…or book your free intro lesson!

 Sage wrote his own piece (on the right) and I helped him see what it looks like on real music (left!).

Sage wrote his own piece (on the right) and I helped him see what it looks like on real music (left!).

A Better Way to Do Piano Lessons

Kids that see their fast piano progress have fun. They gain the chops to learn songs they love on their own.

This is a powerful motivator. A parent recently told me:

She loves it. Don’t have to nag her to practice. She just goes and does it.

That is what happens when we ditch the old-school knuckle-rapping piano lesson stigma.

What if piano lessons were taught by a warm and encouraging teacher? What if the whole experience could be both relaxing and effective?

Kids feel at ease and learn deep this way. Then they'll do amazing things...

  • How would you like to see your son run to YouTube, on his own, to look up how to play a Beatles song he loves?

  • Or your daughter run home to learn Happy Birthday on the piano to play for her younger brother on his birthday?

  • Or to see your daughter plays blues & improvise with her musical family members? And then post a video of this to Facebook?

  • Or to see your shy & resistant child play Moonlight Sonata in front of 50 people at a recital within a year?

All achievable.

Here’s what to do:

  • We’ll set up a free intro lesson

  • Once we finish the intro lesson, we’ll set our weekly schedule

  • Watch amazing things happen!

We commit to a month of lessons…but I know your child will love it so much that they’ll want to keep going! 

Would you like to book your free intro lesson?

"He has a way of connecting with the person—where they are and raising their expectations without being intimidating." ~ Tanya