Brett is a wonderful teacher and I am delighted with my son’s progress with the piano. Brett is very skilled at striking a good balance between making the lessons enjoyable while also ensuring that his students excel and challenge themselves.

Brett is very skilled at dealing with all ages, even young kids with limited attention spans. He incorporates educational games into his lessons which expand his students’ knowledge of the subject, while keeping their attention focused and making the learning fun.

Moreover, Brett is a really good guy; he is joy to have around and a welcome part of our weekly schedule.

I am confident that Brett can successfully teach any subject to a wide range of students. His high intelligence and personable manner make him a valuable asset in any educational endeavor.
— Marisa Anaya (mother of Sage, 8)
My son loves taking lessons with Brett, who covers a great deal in half an hour while making each session fun. Thanks to Brett, Benji is progressing quickly and he is always willing to practice.
— Jennifer (mother of Benji, 7)
My son, Jadun had been taking piano for a few years before meeting Brett but I just didn’t feel he was progressing the way he should be. A friend referred me to Brett.

He has a way of connecting with the person—where they are and raising their expectations without being intimidating and for my son—making it fun which was crucial for him!

Thank you, Brett for making learning an instrument FINALLY more interesting than ‘watching paint dry’ which is what, Jadun use to feel like learning was!! :)
— Tanya (mother to Jadun, 16)
My six year old son, Kai, loves Brett! Brett has been our piano teacher for over a year and it has been a really wonderful experience. Brett embodies all of the usual traits that you’re looking for in a teacher- reliable, passionate, punctual, patient. He also creates a fun and relaxing environment and challenges my son through interactive fun games and lessons that he can really understand. Learning piano with Brett has been really great for Kai’s confidence and focus, and he’s having a great time doing it!
— Ryan (mother to Kai, 8 now!)
Both my children have greatly enjoyed their piano class with Brett; he is very professional, personable and engaging. He knows how to point each kid in his own direction and his own pace. My children warmed up to him instantly during the first lesson and ever since, are not only learning but enjoying music in a nurturing atmosphere. We have been very lucky and grateful to have met Brett who is a gem of a teacher.
— Flor (mother of Ximena and Paul)