Dear Brooklyn Parents,

Welcome! To play music is an incredible experience for young kids, but finding the right teacher is not always easy.

Parents with young kids come to me when they are looking for a music teacher that will inspire their children to love piano lessons. Thousands of music lessons and a decade of experience has shown me that to inspire a student is to make learning feel easy!

The two unique piano lesson programs I offer help students practice with confidence, express their creativity, and continue to love learning music! Within a few months of weekly lessons they can play their favorites: Star Wars, Harry Potter, Beatles, you name it - which is an amazing feeling and accomplishment!

Located at 612 Prospect Ave in Windsor Terrace


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Where to Find an Instrument

A local shop with pianos, affordable keyboards, and guitars - in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn.

"He has a way of connecting with the person—where they are and raising their expectations without being intimidating." ~ Tanya (mother of Jadun, 16)