Dear parents,

Welcome! I teach music to children and adults in Windsor Terrace. My approach is fun, personal, and goes way beyond music - I want to help students build life skills they can use. I use the piano, percussion, and games to help each student connect their voice and ears, to feel rhythms, how to read music, and how to play. Whether they're into in the raw emotion of the blues, the depth of classical medleys, or confidently playing a simple folk song, I'm there to guide them.

"Learning piano with Brett has been really great for Kai’s confidence and focus, and he’s having a great time doing it!" ~ Ryan (mother of Kai, 8)

"My son Benji loves taking lessons with Brett — he is progressing quickly and is always willing to practice." ~ Jennifer (mother of Benji, 8)

"He has a way of connecting with the person—where they are and raising their expectations without being intimidating." ~ Tanya (mother of Jadun, 16)

Resources for Parents

A brilliant shop with pianos, keyboards, even guitars - local in Brooklyn.

Head here for more of my recommendations.



What you can do as a parent:

  • Ask me for clarification on any concepts. I've tried a lot of approaches and struggled through many musical barriers myself. The underlying problems that students face can be elusive and subtle -- I've been there.

  • How to Practice:  It's all about willpower - rather than sit down to practice with the goal to play for a long time (which takes a ton of willpower), just make a point to sit down at the piano (very little willpower). That's it. You'll be surprised at how this simple, doable step makes it easier to practice..."I'm already here, so I might as well..." Think of this like having them brush their teeth -- it's now just "part of what you do" daily. Have it become part of their routine. Try for 5 minutes at a time.

  • I provide each student with a small ringed music notebook for my lesson notes to them. I write down what I want them to practice. Refer to this book when sitting down with them, and ask me any questions if something is unclear.

Materials and Games

I provide all materials for each student. For more information about how I do what I do, please ask anytime! Teaching is fascinating. I'm putting together a more defined outline that will be accessible via PDF. For now please head here for more information.


How the Lessons Work

  • Personal 30 minute lessons at my studio in Windsor Terrace.
  • An approach specifically tailored to the youngest preschoolers and beyond.
  • Recitals that crystalize their hard work and focus your child towards a specific goal. They are optional, but totally fun too! Everyone is welcome, regardless of level.
  • I use a blend of personalized, yet thorough approaches. From singing solfeggi, to rhythms, to games that teach concepts in a fun way, it truly is about the process of learning, not just the content itself.
  • A structured, transparent billing and scheduling system. Simply sign up and log in through my Music Teacher's Helper system and you'll be able to see your billing history, invoices, lesson notes, option to pay, and calendar.

Curriculum and Teaching Children

It's my job as a teacher to introduce them to the process of how to learn something, how to deal with frustration, how to keep the long-term in mind. Interestingly, these skills are far more important than the particulars of learning music itself. As they get older, they'll branch off to martial arts, science, another art form, become an entrepreneur -- all of these pursuits take dedicated, focused, daily effort to do well. I gently model this process for them so that they understand how these undertakings will feel at all points. I define my success as a teacher when they can point to their time spent learning music as a catalyst for their later growth. The recitals are singular events, checkpoints that clarify what a milestone feels like.